Cybersecurity Attacks on Critical Infrastructure – Who should be liable?


23 June 2021


6:30 - 7:30 PM EST




Cybersecurity Attacks on Critical Infrastructure

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Cybersecurity Attacks on Critical Infrastructure – Who should be liable?

US companies have recently been the target of increased cyberattacks, leading to more dire and deeper impacts on our country’s infrastructure and businesses. Cybercrime experts believe these attacks will continue to increase and will be far more crippling than what we have experienced so far, creating a new normal that poses a significant threat to our national security.

In light of these attacks, Federal stakeholders have renewed the debate of who should be held accountable when private companies operate and manage infrastructure critical to the seamless operations that support Federal, State, and local society. The shared use of these systems has created confusion with regards to who is in charge when such attacks occur.

The Tortora Brayda Institute (TBI) & the Association of US Cybersecurity Forces (AUSCF) are excited to host a webinar to discuss these questions relating to threats to our critical infrastructure. Please join us and our cybersecurity experts as we delve further into this topic.


Guillermo Christensen

Lawyer, Office Managing Partner at Ice Miller, LLP

Former CIA Intelligence officer and Diplomat with the US Department of State



Paul W. Hurley

Chief Executive Officer at Securicon

Former Department of Defense Professional and Industry-recognized expert on cybersecurity


Bridget Choi

Director of Commercial Cyber Incident Response at Booz Allen Hamilton

Lawyer and Cyber Insurance Claims Professional  


Bryan Wyatt

CTO & Founder, Constellation Technologies, Inc.

Software and Database Engineer