Visibility in a partner’s portfolio

A flavour of the Future of IT Partner Marketing and Channel Strategy focused on gaining partner visibility.

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Generating and maintaining visibility with partners is a key aspect of a fruitful partner program. To help discover and refine the keys to effective and lasting partner relationships we've put together the main talking points as answered by some of the industry's foremost expert minds in a brief summary. Considering the way our programs, businesses and relationships can all be expected to change in the coming months and years. 

In this issue the experts discuss:
  • How vendor and partner teamwork starts with the right people building relationships and trust..
  • Why vendors and partners should clearly identify executive sponsors and focal points for day-to-day work.
  • That vendors should ensure channel marketing basics are in place, at the start of programs and ongoing. .
    and much more!
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21 February 2021


Partner Visibility, Marketing, Sales, Strategy

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