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To Market Or Not to Market: That is the Question

To Market Or Not to Market: That is the Question

Today, we face unprecedented circumstances. Many businesses are moving to fully remote offices. Companies are cancelling conferences and events.  But as bad as this may seem, there are some really great opportunities that can come from this. What are you going to do with that live event budget now that you can’t have live events?  Don’t let it go to waste, RE-ALLOCATE!!!

Digital marketing is the perfect avenue for those re-allocated funds!  And the great thing about it is…you can do it from home. There are so many digital avenues to explore – many you use already, but could expand on.  Marketing for your business is more than likely the best thing you can do for yourself right now. So, let’s talk about why it’s important to market and what type of marketing you can do. 

Why Market?

Should you be marketing your business right now? Of course! Yes, the world is in crisis mode – but people are still living out their daily lives because it is a necessity. Businesses still need to be active and present – no matter what industry. Show the world that you aren’t panicking (even if you might be nervous). Continuously build your relationship and brand loyalty by being there before, during, and after this crisis and staying positive. Customers need that now more than ever. 


Marketing NOW

Channel marketing is essential during times like these. Everyone is couped up at home. So, what are they doing? They are online of course! This is where you can utilize channel marketing to the fullest extent. Take this time to reach out to your current and potential customers. Be personable, be present, listen, and engage. Customers all around the world have stories right now and are using online platforms to tell them. Take a look at some avenues you more than likely already use but need to focus more on now:


  • Social Media – During times like these it’s important to show customers you are still present and your business is still up and running. Take some time to carefully plan out different social media strategies and make sure to engage with your followers. Use different social media platforms and ensure content is relevant to your industry. 
  • Ads – Maybe this is the perfect time to take a look at your budget and allocate some funds for paid ads. Everyone is online right now so spending a few more dollars for paid ads might not be a bad idea. 
  • Blog – Now that there are a few minutes you can spare out of your day, why not start blogging for your company? Use this opportunity to really bring forth the subject matter experts from your company for your industry. Try having additional employees in your company write a blog post as well. You’ll be amazed as to how business insights are different amongst your employees.
  • Website – Have you taken the time lately to really look at your website? Go through and audit your website. Check for spelling errors, broken links, etc. Maybe it’s even time to refresh some information on a few of your pages. 
  • Webinars – Hosting a webinar about your solution or industry could really give you a boost. People have more time right now so why not give them a little educational webinar to attend? You can promote it on social media and on your website. Take the time to find guest speakers or utilize your subject matter expert employees to guest speak for the webinar. Make it fun and interactive – and answer customers questions.


The world right now is hard and there are many unknowns. But we ask you – Are you going to stay home in fear or are you going to continue to BUILD your company? Drive your business to its very best in the channel! Channel marketing is what you need to to overcome difficult times such as these. Take a look at our blog on relationship marketing and loyalty marketing here – it can help. And if you are still in need of channel marketing assistance, we are here to help! Contact us today!