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Recruitment, Onboarding & Enablement


Recruitment, Onboarding & Enablement

Maximize every step

We are your one stop for finding the perfect partners to grow your program, introduce and onboard them to your business, and helping new partners as well as existing partners to maximize the potential of your partner program.

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The Challenge

The channel is a dynamic environment, so it is important to keep developing new channel mapping strategies and new partners. But channel partner recruitment can be tough, especially if you internal resources are already stretched managing your current channel relationships.

The Solution

Recruiting and motivating the right channel partners is crucial to running a successful channel program. For more than two decades, we have helped numerous companies successfully source the right partners to maximize channel sales. With our expert knowledge in partner recruitment, we will help you to successfully refine and present your commercial value proposition, allowing you to grow your partner program with the perfect partners..
Once we have found the right partner, we will work with your internal team to onboard the new partner into the program. Our concierges will help the partner to get registered in your platform, work with them to use the platform to its fullest potential and enable them to generate ROI.

The Benefits

  • We work with you so that we can understand your channel strategy, program objectives and revenue goals.

  • Recruiting partners is not difficult, but we understand that finding the right partners is. We provide the proper market segmentation to make sure that we are recruiting the right partners with the right client focus, expertise and budget to ensure a successful relationship. We then help to onboard and enable those new partners to make sure that they are able to fully utilize all that you provide in your partner program to help them generate ROI.

  • With our real time reporting, you will always know the status of your program; this includes recruitment details, on-boarding and pipeline potential.