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Gorilla was asked to identify revenue for a specific segment to the vCloud Air Network (vCAN) Program. vCAN, is a subscription based licensing model that involved a network of Managed Service Provider Partners (MSPs) that deliver services based on VMware Technology. The MSP Service Provider Partners (MSPs) that deliver services based on VMware Technology. The MSP Partners pay for access to that technology based on usage of the software they elect to use to build the unique service offerings being delivered to their customer base (SaaS, DBaaS, laaS and XaaS).

  • vCAN, Formerly VSPP (VMware Service Provider Program) was an independent operating business unit within the VMware organisational structure at that time.
  • The vCAN Team tracked the monthly recurring revenue for over 4000 MSP Partners Globally by geographical region (AMER, EMEA, APAC).
  • There are three Business Units within VMware for Perpetual License sales that were separate from the vCAN Business Unit.   
    • The partner Revenue was not tracked within the vCAN Business Unit by the three BU’s noted (Commercial, Enterprise, Select).
    • Forecasting for the Commercial Business Unit required coordination of two Operations Teams, 4 Templates of inaccurate Forecasting, and the ability to determine the method that would allow for separating the Partners by Perpetual BY, trending the revenue for 1300 Partners and identifying any gaps that needed to be addressed in revenue flow.  


Gorilla Corporation placed a project Consultant to address the issues and drive revenue. The Gorilla manager allowed for other vendor resources to focus on Top Strategic Accounts while supporting the remaining 1300 MSP accounts through aggregators, and in select cases directly.

We worked closely with Commercial and vCAN Operations Teams to consolidate information, tracking revenue through multiple sources of data.

Work involved resolving channel sales data conflicts, creating templates and formatting to deliver accurate information useful by the Business Units, creating a standard format extrapolating anticipated growth for the specified Partners and improving on the MSP Compensation Model.

The Gorilla Manager helped to develop integration of best practices regarding MDF payout to overcome duplicate or redundant MDF payouts.

We also helped address a lack of a viable SPIFF program to promote increased product adoption, accurate reporting, and increase usage of[ existing VMware technology through the Aggregator Sales Teams.

In addition we conducted:

  • Channel Sales Development through Extended Teams.
  • Direct Support of those Extended Teams by engaging in meetings and calls directly with existing and prospective vCAN Partners.
  • Quarterly Business Reviews to promote increased Net New Partner Adoption and increased usage/revenue from existing Partners.
    • Cross Divisional communications to promote the vCAN Program and adoption internally and support inbound requests from Core Sales Teams with development of New Partners and support of Existing Partners.
    • Multi-Tier Sales Strategy to drive increase in usage and the creation of new services by the MSP. Multiple Cloud/Subscriptions offering that required integration and alignment to minimise conflict within the conflict within the marketplace and create a complimentary offering (vCloud Air Networks vs. vCloud Air).


The project delivered very significant quarterly growth, so successfully in fact that VMware asked to hire our Project Consultant directly. Finally, this resulted in a vCloud air MSP program that allowed vCloud Air Network Partners to OEM/White Label VMware Pre-Built Services.