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Marketing Your Business on Facebook

Marketing Your Business on Facebook


There are many avenues you can take to market your business. Today more than ever, it seems marketing is really embracing digital due to the pandemic. Everyone is online right now and really connecting through social media; so why not take advantage of that?

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is geared towards the professional industry. But, that isn’t the only place where you can find professionals. Facebook is another great resource for professionals. Although it may make some laugh, hear us out – it really is a great platform to market your business no matter your target audience. According to Oberlo statistics, Facebook has 1.73 billion daily users. Amazing, right? Let’s take a look at what you can do on Facebook for free and with a small monetary payout.

Marketing on Facebook for free!

  • Create a Facebook Page

Person-to person interactions that can happen on Facebook and other social media platforms help to make consumers feel that they have encountered a brand in a meaningful way. Creating a business page allows you to invite your friends and consumers and can be a place where they can get up-to-date information on your business.

  • Join Facebook Groups

Facebook has groups for professionals – so why not use that to your advantage. There are numerous different Facebook groups dedicated to various industries and interests. Request to join the groups and from there you can invite them to your business page, post updates on your business, and sometimes market on those pages as well.

  • Host Online Events

Have an event planned? Create an event page and invite friends and people in the groups you have discovered and are a part of. You can see who RSVP’s and get feedback from attendees so you know exactly what to do and what not to do during your next event.

  • Stream Live

Live videos are more intimate than pre-recorded ones. It’s showing your followers that you’re human too. It also gives your followers a face behind the brand. You can start building brand loyalty by streaming live videos. 

  • Reach Out

Are you a fan or admirer of another company or person? Reach out to them by sending them a message or write a nice little blurb on their wall – they’ll appreciate it! Who knows, maybe they’ll turn around and give you kudos too. It’s a great way to show appreciation.


Marketing: Paid

While those are the free options, you also have the paid side of marketing on Facebook. Facebook ads and post boosting. You can spend as little as you want or if you are feeling bold, ramp your budget up a little more to connect with more people. 

  • Ads

Facebook ads are created through the Ads Manager and offer more customization for different objectives and goals. You can choose your ad placement, maintain creative control, and use advanced targeting techniques.

  • Boosted Posts

A boosted post is the easiest way to advertise on Facebook. It is a post to your Page’s timeline that you can apply money to in order to boost it to an audience that you choose. Boosted posts are not created in Facebook Ads Manager and don’t have all of the different customizations that a Facebook Ad would have.


You see, it isn’t difficult to market your business on Facebook.  Depending on whether you want to start marketing for free or whether you decide to spend part of your marketing budget can change your marketing strategy significantly. If you are already promoting on Facebook, great! We hope you can take advantage of some of the other marketing tips above. As always, we’re here if you need any help!