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Marketing Remotely: Gaining Visibility While Working from Home

Working remotely comes with its own unique challenges. Lucky for us, the shift to digital allows us to work virtually anywhere. While working from home it is also important to increase your visibility with your co-workers. Since you aren’t in the office, stopping by someone’s desk just isn’t an option. And according to this survey by Indeed, 37% of remote workers believe that working from home causes less visibility. Let’s take a look at some ways you can gain visibility while working from home and be “present”.


Schedule 1 on 1’s with employees

This is important for managers while gaining visibility with their employees. Scheduling weekly 1 on 1 meetings with employees helps managers. Managers should ask questions such as: How is their workload? What do they need? Do they need help? Do they have questions? This gives employees the opportunity to express their needs and wants if they don’t have the chance to express these in team meetings. It is important for managers to keep the communication open with their employees and touch base with them.

Communicate with a direct messenger app

The key to success for any team is communication. Even more so when distance is involved. Using a direct messenger app, you can communicate with colleagues both formally and informally. This helps gain visibility. Try setting up a group chat where colleagues can chat throughout the day or ask pertinent questions about work. Be sure to encourage others to communicate their wins and failures. Sometimes one’s win or failure could be a learning curve for someone else. These suggestions will surely help to maintain the closeness of workers even while working remotely.


Be the person who compliments and shares credit with others

Working remotely can sometimes cause stress, especially in times like these. When we are stressed and busy we often forget small gestures. Take the time to compliment other co-workers for a good job on a project or piece of work they have completed. Share the credit with others if you have completed a project that others helped you work on. Be the person to show others how valuable they are and soon others will follow. It’s a great feeling knowing that you are appreciated which in turn boosts morale.

Working remotely doesn’t mean the end of workplace structure, it just takes a little more thought and coordination. And don’t forget to STOP working when it’s time. Working from home brings the challenge of overworking at times. Make sure to set boundaries that prevent overworking. You don’t want to be mentally exhausted. If you have questions on working remotely please feel free to contact us!