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Keys to Successful Channel Partner Onboarding

Keys to Successful Channel Partner Onboarding


Today, companies aim to drive more revenue by using less resources and money. By partnering with various distributors and resellers, your sales are likely to grow. We’re going to talk about a few key factors for a successful channel partner onboarding – so you’re prepared for what’s to come.


Successful channel partner onboarding is a critical step in developing a profitable, long-lasting relationship. From day one, a channel partner must feel confident that an organization is prepared to build a mutually beneficial relationship. Ensuring partners have everything they need to get started from the get-go.  A plan for the first 30-90 days helps to establish a strong partnership.


Key factor #1:  Build a business plan and deliver it to the channel partner. It’s crucial to outline priorities and expectations that are tied to goals.Having a solid business plan establishes a trust and accountability. The business plan should answer the following questions:


  • Why establish a partnership?
  • What is the mission of the partnership?
  • What helps the channel partner sell?
  • What hinders them from selling?
  • What are the goals/benchmarks of a successful partnership?
  • How will these goals/benchmarks be measured/reached?
  • At the end of the day, what does success actually look like?


Key factor #2:  Create a marketing plan for you and your partner.  The marketing plan outlines an agreed upon marketing strategy. This is accomplished by sharing thoughtfully crafted marketing materials. On top of the content itself, which often includes sales materials, whitepapers, fact sheets, and so on, a marketing plan must also detail the strategy for releasing this content to the partner and/or the end user.


Key factor #3:  One of the most important components of ensuring the success of a channel partner is the education and training that is necessary to deliver a product or service to market. It’s important to define what resources and materials are needed for the channel partner to reach the goals established in the business plan. 


Key factor #4: The incentive plan.  Along with having a business plan, marketing plan, and ensuring the education and training for the channel partner – you should also have the right incentive plan in place. Many B2B businesses try to leverage channel partnerships to ignite their sales’ success, but the channel partnership path can be challenging because partners could also be selling many other products. In order to win and encourage them to push your products and services, you will have to incentivize and support your partner.


In conclusion, the most successful and long-lasting partnerships are those that start out strong, have business and marketing plans, have a strong training program and know how to incentivize their partners.  With these key factors in your arsenal, you should be able to onboard a partner with no problems. To learn more about onboarding channel partners, contact Gorilla today! We’d be happy to guide you along the way.