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Introducing Facebook’s New Search Engine; Graph Search

Just as businesses and users felt like they were getting to grips with the range of social media platforms and search engines available to them a new one comes along.

Facebook has now unveiled a new feature called Graph Search to allow users to sift through pictures, posts and messages,

With Graph Search, people can search the social graph by looking for things like “sushi restaurants that my friends have been to in Los Angeles,” “hotels near the Eiffel Tower,” or “TV shows my friends like.” And if you have a Page on Facebook, Graph Search can make it easier for people to discover and learn more about your business.

So how does it work?

  • People can search for things like restaurants near them, hotels in places they want to travel to, photos posted by Pages they like, or games that their friends like to play.
  • These search suggestions then take people to a unique results page. The results returned are based on factors that include information that has been shared by your business and the connections of the person who is searching.
  • In cases where Graph Search comes up blank – which is likely to be a frequent occurrence in its infancy – the service defaults to the web search engine Bing, which is run by Google’s rival Microsoft.

Facebook Graph Search could eventually become a fairly effective local search/recommendations engine so it’s important to be a part of it and understand all of its features.

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