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How to Use Account Based Marketing to Drive Business Success

How to Use Account Based Marketing to Drive Business Success

Many marketers today believe that account based marketing (ABM) is essential to marketing and sales. It is also referred to as the key to account marketing and is easily becoming the B2B strategy of choice. Today, ABM is considered a ‘must-have’ – and although the term may seem new, it has actually been around for a while. 

With ABM marketing you identify the key accounts that you want to work with and get very specific with your marketing to these accounts. The marketing campaign that is used to reach the target accounts is a personalized campaign with the intent of closing deals. In this instance, the marketing team works closely with the sales team to identify prospects. Some key benefits of using ABM are:

  • Clear ROI
  • Enable Sales Alignment
  • Focus on resources
  • Enhanced personalization and optimization
  • Easy to track goals and measurement
  • Predictive sales analytics and sales intelligence

Account-based marketing works because it focuses on one-to-one marketing at the account level instead of the lead level. You initially identify the target account by using digital targeting such as an IP address or utilizing cookies – and then integrate that information into your CRM or marketing automation tool to give you greater value. 

Marketers who measure ROI describe ABM as delivering higher returns than other marketing approaches. With today’s lead level marketing techniques, businesses sometimes solely focus on inbound content marketing. While this is still critical to ensure you are taking business to the next level, implementing an ABM strategy is a must. 

It’s clear that using ABM to drive business is undoubtedly a must-have. So start your campaign today and reap the rewards!