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How to Integrate A Marketing Campaign Across Channels

How to Integrate A Marketing Campaign Across Channels


It’s important to know how to effectively market across different channels, and it will help tremendously if you integrate them. So what exactly does integrating your channels mean? Integrating your channels is arranging your marketing channels in tandem to promote your business whether it be products or services. While this task is difficult, given the number of different channels there are out there, it adds value! Let’s talk about how you go about integrating marketing campaigns across channels.

Establish Your Goal

Before starting anything you’ve got to know what you want to achieve, right? This is definitely no different. Get together with your marketing team and establish your goals. What are you hoping to get out of this marketing campaign in relation to your target KPIs and their subsequent metrics? Determine your goals, as these goals are going to help you choose the right channels to target. 


Choose Your Marketing Channels

Now that you have your goals in place you need to determine which channels, if not all,  are appropriate to launch your marketing campaign. With that being said, there are major marketing channels that you can administer your marketing campaign on.

 My Top 5 choices are:

  • Social Media
  • Advertising (both print and pay-per-click (PPC))
  • Email Marketing
  • Events (digital)
  • Digital Marketing


These are my Top 5 right now due to the rapidly changing landscape brought on by the Coronavirus. But, when times change and maybe get back to how they were before you can also look into face-to-face events, PR, direct marketing, etc. Overall, your integrated marketing campaign should include multiple channels.

Create Marketing Assets and Messaging

Your plan is in place, you know what channels to target – it’s now time to create your marketing assets and develop your messaging. This is where your creative processes take flight. Remember to keep your messaging and assets adaptable to any type of future changes to the economy and industry. To keep your campaign consistent, think about repurposing your content across channels. All assets should align with your brand; such as logos and color schemes. Integrated marketing is all about keeping things consistent across the channels for preferred results.

Launch and Measure

Everything is set to go. You are ready to launch and measure your results. Remember, to make this process easy for you now and in the long run.  Look at using an automated marketing platform that will be able to collect your leads across channels in one spot. Launch your campaign and be sure to track your metrics weekly, monthly, etc to ensure things run smoothly. This way, you will know if anything should be altered. Learn from each and every marketing campaign that is launched for your future endeavors. 

Last but not least, have fun! Get creative, engage with customers, and watch your leads grow. You don’t have to put a ton of money into this process if you don’t want to. You can start off small, see where it lands you, and go from there. Times have changed and budgets do too, we get it. So, if you are ever in need of guidance, feel free to give us a call. We can help in any way we can!