Ambitious Private Public Partnership to rescue Vulnerable Panthera Leo Species

California, USA, AUGUST 5, 2015 — Gorilla Corporation, the pioneer and leader in channel sales and marketing since 1992, today announced a strategic alliance with the African Lion & Environmental Research Trust (ALERT), a recognized leader in lion conservation, in order to execute the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority (a government agency), “National Lion Action Plan”.

The alliance will be launched under the “Defend the Lion” banner. According to Gorilla Corporation CEO, Carlo Tortora Brayda di Belvedere: “Our challenge is to secure and restore sustainable lion populations throughout the present and potential ranges in Ethiopia, this can only be achieved through community development programs, entrepreneurship initiatives, and first class wildlife conservation”, he continues: “With recent reports of the West African Lion being decimated to near extinction, our resolve is stronger than ever – we will not let this happen also to East African Lions”.

Entrepreneurship development programs to alleviate poverty in rural East Africa are the hallmark of Gorilla Corporation’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, traditionally deployed through its associated humanitarian development arm Alchemy World NGO, whilst LionALERT is recognized as the leader in Lion conservation.

It is for this reason that we have decided to seek out a formal alliance with ALERT to tackle together the catastrophic plight of the Ethiopian lion, whose population has dropped to only about 1000 animals. ALERT have the experience, and the capability to succeed on this ambitious mission”, he continued.

Gorilla Corporation’s usual work is in driving incremental channel business for technology manufacturers; however being a social enterprise at its core, Gorilla Corporation seeks to maintain its crucial role in international development matters.

This strategic alliance combines Gorilla’s capabilities in sales, marketing and fundraising with decades of combined experience in lion and wildlife conservation by ALERT’s team of staff and technical advisors.

Gorilla Corporation’s exponential growth in North America, is allowing it to make additional investments, in what the CEO terms “Heart Capital”.

It is vital for the motivation of our worldwide teams to see our company operating tirelessly in support of our social responsibility vision. We see our professional development in terms of creating not just financial, human, and political capital, but what we call ‘heart capital’ is what makes us truly invested. Life at work at Gorilla Corporation is not humdrum, every day we are all aware that we are helping the world to be a better place, this is why we are so committed at succeeding in everything we do”, commented Tillman Butler, Senior Team Leader.

ALERT’s Chief Operating Officer, David Youldon announced: “I am delighted to join forces with Gorilla Corporation and Alchemy World NGO as our Ethiopian partner. Ethiopia is a large and complex country, and we feel better equipped to implement our responsible development approach to conservation through this joint venture. We are confident that together we will impact the ecosystem and the surrounding communities positively; and that this will result in saving the last of Ethiopia’s lions”.


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ALERT works with communities and policy makers, with conservation managers, researchers and business leaders, to implement locally conceived and relevant solutions that create sustainable motivation to conserve lions amongst these stakeholder groups.  ALERT also works with communities to meet the challenges of living alongside a dangerous predator, whilst conducting research to improve our understanding of the lion’s behavior in Africa’s ecosystems to better inform decision making.
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About Alchemy World NGO
Alchemy World NGO is Ethiopia’s leading entrepreneurship development non-governmental organization, working at reducing digital divide as well as empowering poor and vulnerable communities.


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