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Google’s new Place Search

Google has now launched their new presentation of local results, which is now called Place Search. It offers a completely different look and feel of SERPs on

Going forward, if Google thinks you’re performing a local search, it will default the results to a Place Search. If you don’t include any specific location information like the name of the town or city you are in, then Places result will default to your current location or at least the closest it can. If you put in a detailed description—like Oxfordshire Restaurants, Place Search will, naturally, look for restaurants in Oxfordshire. It is a more precise version of the previous local results search tool.

Google sees these changes as an extension or evolution of universal search in the local context.

Google said that the algorithm has been improved and refined for Place Search.

Place Search shows Google’s constant commitment to provide relevant results for local search queries.

As stated by Google: “One of the great things about our approach is that it makes it easier to find a comprehensive view of each place. In our new layout you’ll find many more relevant links on a single results page — often 30 or 40.”