Steep Yourself in Channel

Picking the Right Partners - An Interactive Discussion



24 January 2024


14:30 PST - 16:30 PM CST



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Join our discussion, get your free teas and relax into exotic flavours and channel chat

As the new year begins we know business starts to ramp up to a competitive fever pitch, with companies beginning to roll out new innitatives and get 'up-to-speed'. Nowhere is that more evident than channel. The festive season and year end have an immense impact on partner relationships, activity and retention, that are felt more so than any other time in the first quarter.

So, we can likely all do will a brief respite sit-down, relax and cup of tea - but we can't stop thinking about our partner ecosystems! We've created the ultimate Tea-and-Talk event to help us all take a break, sip some tea and relax, without the feeling we've stopped the train rolling in our late January build to channel success: Steep Yourself in Channel. Get a dedicated knowledge drop courtesy of Southern Kitchen Witchery, unwind and take in the tastes and aromas accompanied by sipping notes and tea discussion from our special guest Herbalist, Brie. Then jump into a slow simmering but ultimately full-flavour discussion about the state of channel, your experiences and how to make a change for the better with our experts.

Gorilla knows the channel challenges first hand. For the past 3 decades, we have been working with technology vendors, partners and distributors to design, develop, enable, scale, improve and manage partner ecosystems. Startups, mid-size or a large company, we have helped them all with their initiatives - and we drink a lot of tea!

During our discussion, we will be looking at multiple questions about the attendees channel experiences including:

  • How do you navigate the challenges of maintaining strong relationships with your B2B channel partners?
  • How do you measure the success of your B2B channel marketing campaigns?
  • What challenges do you face when onboarding new B2B channel partners, and how do you overcome them? and more. 

Please join us for for a cup and chat with The Sippers:

jill_round_LI1 (jpg)

Jill Wideman
Gorilla Corporation
Chris_round_LI1 (jpg)

Chris Green
Partnerships and Alliances
Gorilla Corporation 


brie_round_LI1 (jpg)

Brie Garcia
Master Herbalist & Co-Owner
Southern Kitchen Witchery