Partner Ecosystems: Vendor & Partner Sales Alignment


28 November 2023


12:00 - 1:00 PM CDT




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Join Carlo, Gilles, & Aaron as they discuss how critical the vendor and partners sales teams’ alignment is.

Over the last 30 years, partner ecosystems – from traditional resell channels to complex alliances – have vastly expanded. More and more organizations, whether private, public or even academia, are looking to expand their capabilities, reduce costs and risks, and access new markets. In a nutshell, no organization today, regardless of its size and capabilities, can go at it alone, and the only option is partnering.

Despite widespread adoption, partnerships of all types are now faced with new levels of complexity, expanded competitive landscapes, faster innovation cycles, increasingly demanding customers, and more. Old challenges remain while new issues surface, and as a result a majority of partnerships are still falling short of their intended objectives.

Gorilla knows these challenges first hand. For the past 3 decades, we have been working with technology vendors, partners and distributors to design, develop, enable, scale, improve and manage partner ecosystems. Whether you are a startup, a mid-size or a large company, we can help with your initiatives.

During our last discussion, we explored the critical role of channel partner incentives, highlighting their significance, types, along with key considerations for designing successful incentive programs as they require careful consideration and alignment with business objectives.

In this episode, We will focus on how critical the vendor and partners sales teams’ alignment is. Vendor sales representatives and partners sales representatives being the main stakeholders in most partnership ecosystems, we will discuss the critical reasons why vendor sales representatives must align with and support partner sales representatives, emphasizing the value this synergy adds to the overall business strategy, and why failing to do so usually leads to epic partnership fiascos.

We will argue the advantages and emphasize the key benefits resulting from a good sales team’s alignment:

  • Trust
  • Sales and products / services expertise
  • Education through emulation and knowledge transfer
  • Competition blocking
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Market insights, feedback, and intelligence
  • Mindshare and relationships
  • Conversion rates and sales cycles

Vendor sales representatives should recognize the significant advantages of aligning with and supporting partner sales representatives. Successful alignment leads to short- and long-term positive impact on the bottom line and provides a slew of other benefits.  Such collaboration is essential in building and maintaining successful channel partnerships, ensuring a win-win situation for both vendors and partners in the complex world of modern business.

Please join us for this event and the following.



Round profile picture Carlo Brayda (png)

Carlo de Belvedere Tortorabrayda
CEO of Gorilla Corporation
Round profile picture Gilles (png)

Gilles Esposito
Vice Chair at Tortora Brayda institute 


Round Aaron Solomon profile picture (png)

Aaron Solomon
Director of Operations, Gorilla Corporation