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Channel Partner Marketing and the Need for Content

As a partner marketing agency one of our key touchstones at the start of each year, new round of Google algorithm changes or even just when we have the time, is to refresh our thoughts about our content marketing strategy. With the whirlwind that was 2020 and the upcoming Google changes it seemed prudent to put out a refresher on exactly what content is, and what it means for channel partner marketing as a whole. There’s also a few handy hints about what forms of content we think will be most valuable to you and your channel partners when marketing this year, lets get started!

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the promotion of your business using content such as blogs, videos, images, podcasts, and a ream of other techniques. It is aimed to market a business without direct advertising. A way to draw interest from customers as well as the bots that trawl search engines. We are here to inform you of the different ways to create this form of promotion and why your channel partners needs content marketing in 2021.


The Types of Content Marketing

There are many forms of content marketing, some more popular than others and some work better in various situations and channels. It is a good idea to have a broad understanding of all of them to ensure you can produce and include the right format in all the channels your partners use.

The types include but are not limited to:


  • Blogs
  • Visual Content (e.g. images)
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Email
  • eBooks
  • Videos/Vlogs
  • Quizzes
  • Lead Magnets
  • Whitepapers
  • Courses
  • Webinars


The most utilized across the board are blogs, visual content and videos, but all can be useful at different times, following different trends, or if you are trying to reach a certain target audience through your content marketing.


The Top Channel Partner Marketing Performers

So, what are the top three forms of content that you should be producing in your business and encouraging your channel partners to utilise more fully?


Vlogs/ Video Influencers

In 2021 vlogs are making a huge impact on the way that companies advertise, with social media like TikToK becoming more popular and a larger demographic of people learning how to use YouTube and other video sharing sites. Vloggers are people who post short videos, often beginning with one channel, and get a following through it. The vlog can be about anything and businesses can use it to target certain highly sought after demographics and create a meaningful relationship with them. 

Vlogs can be a fantastic way to spread the word about your service or product, or just create awareness about your business, providing something interesting channel partners customers can engage with, share and talk about.

Vloggers and video content centric influencers are becoming more and more populist with vlogs seemingly for almost every topic. Why shouldn’t that extend to the service you offer, and reach more of the fresh decision makers in companies you target? 2021 is set to be the year business focused video content takes off for sure, make sure you aren’t left behind.


Video Conference/Webinars

Following on from 2020 it should be no surprise that Webinars have seem a significant uptick in popularity. Businesses forced to work from home have rapidly adapted to the ongoing situation with many in the tech industry able to maintain near normal levels of activity and even growth with the vast majority of resources working remotely.

Webinars come in many forms, the most common being a presentation revolving around a particular product or service on offer, but they extend to small gatherings of service users discussing desired improvements or even troubleshooting sessions between provider and customers. Sufficed to say every type of webinar is an invaluable tool in the channel partners arsenal.

Channel Partner Marketing teams can leverage webinars as one of the most well directed forms of content collateral around. Given enough time and effort webinars can be created packaged and hosted in such a way as to provide a full help center for partners and potential new recruits to see exactly how they can benefit from the vendors service.

Creating webinars that highlight the benefits and mitigate the weaknesses of your solution allow them to be used at every level of your pipeline, as channel marketing collateral, channel sales assistance, and partner or customer support tools, like all the best content versatility is key, which leads us nicely onto our final content.



There have been whispers that bloggers are a thing of the past, this is certainly not the case. Creating content via blogging and creating links to access across your channels is a great way of speaking directly to customers and providing partners with a stream of dynamic, organic on brand material. The blogs should be curated to hit customer pain points and partner led engaging subjects in a timely manner. But it is not just about writing an useful piece and having people read it.

The content you post on your website and the blogs you write should be:

  • SEO optimized (to increase their visibility to the bots that collect information for the search engine rankings.)
  • Contain trending and useful keywords (the words that people use to look up information online).
  • Contain links to your product.
  • Show your businesses logo so that people recognize and trust your business (check out an excellent free logo maker here)
  • Contain links to sources and resources to support your content.
  • Have a great visual image (check out royalty free image sites here).


Content blogs are invaluable to support and advertise online business. To combine them with vlogs is even better but can be too time-consuming for some businesses. If you do have the time, create a video and support it with five or so articles, all of which are linked together. This way you cover a lot of bases with minimal effort.

Creating content is time consuming but can be very fulfilling and will get your channel a lot of much-needed exposure, driving forward your aspirations and growth. If you don’t have the time or resources to create it yourself, then you can always hire a channel marketing agency like Gorilla to help manage and devise it for you, and help to expand your channel into this new decade.