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Building Your Email List While ‘Working From Home’

Building Your Email List While ‘Working From Home’


Even in difficult times such as the pandemic we are facing today, it is still important to market for your business. When face-to-face marketing isn’t a possibility, there are other marketing avenues you can take advantage of; most of which you are familiar with. Email marketing is a great way to reach your target audience, connect with a new audience, and nurture your customer base. Your ultimate goal: convert potential customers into long term customers. Now, with everything happening today, how exactly do you build your email marketing list if you aren’t able to do any face-to-face marketing? Here are a few tips to help you.


Build your blog

Blogging is a great way to build a personal relationship with your customers and prospects and also to gather their email addresses. Provide content that is important to them.  Not all your pieces need to be sales driven, sometimes softer pieces that show you care and are in the same boat as your client make a significant impact on how they perceive your company and brand.  Make sure to end your blogs with a call to action that encourages readers to sign up for your email messages. You may also want to require visitors to provide their email address in order to leave a comment. Set it up so that they actively have to opt-out if they don’t want their email on your list.


Engage through social media

Engaging with your social media can help you find new audiences and make new connections. Make sure you stay on top of trending topics that are of interest to your customers and prospects. Use your social media to encourage people to go to one of your email capture avenues.  This is also a great avenue to use as you promote your blogs. You may want to try to engage other social media personalities. This opens you up to their following and them up to yours – a win-win situation for you both.


Optimize your website for opt-ins

When a customer or prospect visits your website, it shows they are already interested. You don’t want to miss out on any opportunities. Try including email registration forms on the main pages of your site as well as pages for popular products and services.


Don’t let your website visitors get away

You’re getting website visits but not catching their email address. If a customer is clicking through your site, try one last time to get their email address. Set up a lightbox on your website asking for an email address whenever someone is about to navigate away from your website or blog.


Host an event

We understand your frustration. You aren’t able to host any face-to-face events. No conferences, no trade shows, etc. What you can do is host a live event from the comfort of your own home! You can promote it on social media, encourage others to share and join. You then capture emails from registrations. An easy way to grow your email list and it lets you know what content your customers are interested in.

Organize a giveaway or a referral incentive

Who doesn’t like a good giveaway? Who doesn’t like the word FREE? Try organizing a giveaway for a cool product when someone provides other email addresses to you. You can even have current customers receive a percentage off of a product or service, or a free item if they “refer” friends – remember, they only receive the item or services if those referrals sign up as well. 


You don’t have to let this pandemic affect you building your email marketing list. Utilize these tips to start building, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your list will grow. Once you start building your list, you can then start to nurture your email list and in turn, gain new customers in the process! If you have questions or need help with how to build your email marketing list, nurturing, or any type of marketing – feel free to reach out to us!