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8 Urban Legends Based on Videos

When we hear the term ‘Urban Legend’, we tend to conjure up images of Yetis, Bigfoot, Nessie and other unlikely creatures. But in reality, an Urban Legend could simply be the recounting of a single sighting or even an unexplained story that has some kind of a moralistic flavour.

Backing these encounters up has historically proven to be rather difficult and many of them are resigned to memory until the opportunity arises to tell a scary story or two. Here we look at 8 urban legends that have been doing the rounds for some time. But whilst they are all very different, they all have one common denominator; they all allegedly exist on video tape.

The Grifter

Our first urban video legend saw the light of day back in 2009 and the contents are nothing if not gruesome. Images of sacrificed babies abound and it seems that the underlying theme to ‘The Grifter’ is satanic abuse mixed with demonic possession. One clear message is relayed in the video clip – ‘Your race is dying’. Sobering thoughts indeed and we’d advise those of you who don’t particularly enjoy this genre to give ‘The Grifter’ a wide berth; you have been warned!

Red Mist

Fans of the iconic SpongeBob SquarePants could be forgiven for mistaking our second video based Urban Legend for their favourite tentacle playmate. The character in the ‘Red Mist’ video is in fact named ‘Squidward Tentacles’. The story behind this rather depressed sea creature is that the writer, Andrew Skinner, submitted his masterpiece to the SpongeBob SquarePants team for approval but on review of the contents, the production team discovered some horrific images and an underlying theme that beggared belief. It gets worse, after the video tape was tracked to Andrew Skinner himself, it was revealed that he had been arrested for murder and two of the children he killed were actually imaged in the movie. You couldn’t make this stuff up!


Marilyn Manson is certainly no stranger to controversy; in fact his entire career is founded on the ability to shock the general public. So it is no surprise to find his name amongst this number, a video bearing the name ‘Groupie’ was allegedly made between 1996 and 1998. A young lady is the focus of the short movie whereby Manson and several band members are said to abuse and even torture the poor fan throughout. It is said that ‘Groupie’ has only ever been seen by 3 people and to be honest, we’d prefer it to remain so.


The Chupacabra is a somewhat mythical beast that is believed to be responsible for slaughtering a multitude of farming livestock with the intention of drinking their blood. Okay, many such creatures are rumoured to have existed all over the world but the Chupacabra is somewhat different in that a video exists with a fairly clear image included. The Chupacabra is said to resemble a bald coyote with large ears and a lengthy snout. Rumour has it that the beast was the result of a scientific development with the mass destruction of cattle in mind. So if you happen to find yourself deep in Texas one day and a rather hairless looking canine comes your way, lock the doors and drive like hell!

Cervine Birth

Back in 2009, a video clip was uploaded to YouTube and the content was soon deemed to be unsuitable and was therefore removed by the powers that be. The movie depicted an ill looking white deer apparently just about to give birth. Thereafter a human form appears to be ‘dropped’ by the gestating mammal and all accounts have suggested the baby is stillborn. Legend has it that this video is the real time footage of a deer giving birth to a human-like creature, albeit already dead.

Munchkin Suicide

The classic 1939 movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’ is nothing if not iconic so you may be surprised to learn of a scene that is rumoured to contain a munchkin character swinging high from the branches of a tree alongside the ‘Yellow Brick Road’. Of course, this has been strenuously denied by all involved in the legacy of the movie but even the explanation involving a large bird hasn’t dented the enthusiasm of those who strongly believe that the presence of a Munchkin Suicide was part and parcel of Dorothy and pals’ scene of them skipping along that particular path en-route to the Emerald City.

Satan’s Sphinx

In 2006, a video was uploaded to the internet that included images of death and blood accompanied by a hideous audio track complete with screams and unintelligible messages. According to legend, the clip was created by U.S. government officials and was intended to test the human reactions to extra violent imagery. Other have connected this video to satanic rituals and it is said that simply watching Satan’s Sphinx is enough to drive the viewer to suicide. A little like the hit movie ‘The Ring’, but a whole lot more frightening because it just may be real.

The McPherson Tape

Our final urban video myth involves a movie from 1989 called ‘UFO Abduction’. Apparently created for around $6,000, the video deals with extra-terrestrials and the abduction of a young boy. With plenty of fear and loathing and no little amount of terror, the video is no longer available to the general public. Rumour has it that The McPherson Tape, named after the family in the movie; is believed to be a real event and for that reason, it is highly classified and will probably never see the light of day again.

So there you have it; 8 equally odd videos that each have a unique story to tell. Google searches will probably prove to be fruitless but keep your collective eyes peeled because you never know what might pop up next on your favourite YouTube channel!