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5 Lead Generation Techniques for Small Businesses

5 Lead Generation Techniques for Small Businesses


If you are hoping to boost sales for your small business you might be thinking of focusing more on lead generation. So how does one get started with lead generation? Here are 5 lead generation techniques to help you get started so that your small business can hit the sales goals you’ve been dreaming of.


Email marketing
Some people may say that email marketing is getting old, but statistics say otherwise. Email marketing is still one of the best ways to generate leads. While working with email marketing make sure you are personalizing the message in your email campaign. Blasting the same exact email message to 200,000 prospects might seem like a good idea but only a small percentage of those will actually be interested in what you’re offering. It might even help if you segment your contact list into groups and use different messaging tactics with each group. 


Social Media
Nowadays, social media is crucial for lead generation. Think about how much time you spend online both at work and at home. It’s obvious that you aren’t the only one that’s spending a good amount of time on social media. Use this to your advantage. Share good quality content that will keep your prospects coming back for more.


Focus on Key Accounts
Once you have your plan and you’re putting it into action, you’ll find that you’re generating more leads than anticipated. With that being said, you have to realize that not every lead is a great lead. This is where you need to qualify your leads and be selective of who you follow up with and when you follow up. 


Paid Advertising
Paid advertising doesn’t have to be confusing and difficult. You do it all from the comfort of your own desk and can make it work with even the smallest of budgets. This is scalable so you can start off small and gradually go big. Invest a little now and learn from the results.


Landing Pages
Capturing leads once you’ve already created interest around your product is crucial. Landing pages play a key role in this. Having a well designed landing page to attract customers is only one part of the puzzle. The other part is being able to capture the leads off of your landing page. Capture leads and come up with a lead nurturing strategy to keep prospects interested in your product for future sales.


Focusing on these 5 areas is a great start for lead generation in your small business. If you need a little help, or are unsure of where to start, give Gorilla a call. We’ll be happy to help!