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3 Google Analytics Reports Every Marketer Must Know

3 Google Analytics Reports Every Marketer Must Know


Google Analytics is a tool that provides you with valuable insight into what is happening on your website. Cool, huh? If you haven’t taken advantage of Google Analytics – act now! You will be impressed as to how much information you gather from the reports.

Now, if you are a newcomer to Google Analytics, it’s very robust with charts, graphs, and numbers. There is a ton of information displayed and it can be intimidating and overwhelming- but don’t let that stop you. Today, we’ll briefly discuss 3 Google Analytics Reports that can be extremely beneficial to you and why.


Mobile Performance Report

Let’s face it, mobile devices are taking over. Most of us are guilty of browsing the web from our mobile devices. It’s the norm these days. It’s actually more common than browsing on a laptop or computer.  In fact, mobilization is so important that Google actually penalizes sites that are not mobile friendly. This is why the mobile performance report is important. This report shows you how well your site is optimized for mobile devices and where you need to make more improvements. Make sure to check the bounce rates on each device. If your bounce rate is high on a mobile device, this might be due to a poor mobile experience. Just a tip: test out your site on your own mobile devices, click around and be objective – you want to ensure your customers have the best mobile experience possible.


Content Efficiency Report

When you create a lot of content on your site, it can be a daunting task trying to track how well the content is doing. Avinash Kaushik, author of Web Analytics 2.0, and a Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google, created a report to rectify this problem. This report tracks entrances, page views, bounces and goal completions to help you answer pertinent questions. 

  • Which content is engaging your audience the most? 
  • Which content is shared by your audience? 
  • What type of content performs best with your audience? 

Take a look at his report below.


Keyword Analysis

This report created by Econsultancy shows your keywords alongside visitor metrics. It will analyze and show the most popular incoming keywords to your site as well as showing visitor metrics, conversion rates, goal completions and page load time. Using this report helps you to figure out what keywords are working, and which words you need to optimize in the future.


Although it can be overwhelming to review these reports if you are unfamiliar with them, they provide you with much needed data.  These reports can help you gain insight on your website, content and visitors. These are just a few of the reports and analytics tools that Google provides to you. To learn more about Google Analytics, and see what additional reporting tools you can utilize, visit Google here.  

If you would like help reviewing your website or evaluating your content and keywords, give us a call.  We are here to help you!