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Why Demand Generation Fails in Indirect Distribution Channels (And How to Prevent It)

Why Demand Generation Fails in Indirect Distribution Channels (And How to Prevent It)


Demand generation: it’s the focus of targeted marketing to drive awareness to your products and services.  People who sell indirectly through a network of partners use demand generation strategies to create a buzz in their partner programs – it’s all about reaching out to the right people at the right time.  But all too often, demand strategies fall short. Here are three of the top reasons why they fail and how to prevent it.

First is a lack of objectives and key performance indicators (KPI). As with any program or campaign, failure is inevitable without a definitive goal. To fix this issue you will need clear, measurable objectives, goals and key performance indicators to track the progress of the campaign before implementing it. 

Second is irrelevancy.  Tracking data that isn’t relevant is definitely an ultimate fail. Not only is it a waste of time and resources, but you aren’t gaining any visibility.  This isn’t about sales, it’s about engaging people and helping them to develop an interest in your products and services. We see this far too often, companies basing their strategy on outdated and incorrect data. 

Buyer personas and customer data changes – frequently. You aren’t going to see results if your data is from 2010. To prevent irrelevancy you will need to choose metrics that you can tie into your campaign to measure the success.  You want to be able to track who is coming to your site, what links they are clicking, which campaigns they are responding to. This type of data is what allows you to properly drive your campaigns.


The final reason why demand generation fails in indirect distribution channels is lack of segmentation and personalization. No two partners are the same, just as no two people are the same.  Everyone is unique,and this applies to demand generation as well. People want personalized messages and marketing that is custom tailored FOR THEM! Luckily this has gotten easier over the years as software has simplified processes – enabling you to personalize campaigns which gives your audience a custom experience.

Demand generation is very valuable – when properly done.  You have to stay focused, relevant and personalize the experience.  Avoiding these mistakes can establish success in your program and campaigns. In return, it gives you and your indirect channel partners opportunities to nurture demand and turn it into closed deals.