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What to Expect in Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

What to Expect in Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) is now unstoppable in the data center market. Its benefits in terms of cost and performance are now unequivocal.

What are we to expect in the near-term future?

The future is software defined. Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) is what most enterprises are aspiring to.  Some leading vendors, such as VMware, are beautifully positioned with their constant innovation. The market is becoming increasingly competitive and I welcome that.

Convergence of Software and Hardware

Discrete data center solutions will become less common, as the clear symbiosis of hardware and software for the SDDC is becoming evident. Manufacturers like VMware are leveraging their technology alliances to deliver solutions that blend into customer centricity, and virtualization is central to this approach.

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Machine learning and AI are revolutionizing the life of Data Center administrators, allowing them to look at the big picture and drive further organizational efficiencies and risk mitigation.  Increased adoption of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence is happening now. Hyper Convergence is maturing fast, it is important to find a complete hyperconverged infrastructure stack which includes best-in-class compute, storage, and network virtualization technologies with integrated management.