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Virtual Partner Marketing & Concierge


Virtual Partner Marketing & Concierge

Experienced and Dedicated Marketing Professionals

Expand beyond your own capabilities with help from our dedicated Virtual Partner Marketing & Concierge services.

Building Engaging websites for over 10 years


A key to getting better return from online activities is to have a stunning, user-friendly website with all the search engine demands met. This can be achieved by utilising a proven, professional company with extensive experience in web development services. By creating successful websites that rank well, attract visitors, and compel them to act you get more leads & customers.

The Challenge

Most channel partners don’t have the time, skills, management bandwidth and in-house resources in order to create reliably effective marketing materials and campaigns. Coincidentally, they are not using vendor programs efficiently or spending all of their available co-op funds. This is where a channel marketing concierge comes in.

The Solution

To represent your company and products through the channel to a wide and diverse market to great effect, you need a Gorilla Channel Marketing Concierge (CMC). Your CMC is an experienced and dedicated marketing professional fully focused on delivering fast, effective and efficient marketing support for your channel partners.

Your CMC provides the personalized, fully custom marketing support your partners need. They will help gather the ready-made marketing collateral, help create co-branded assets and help them execute marketing campaigns.. Your CMC will also ensure that your resellers get any co-op and marketing development funds needed to effectively promote your products and win deals.

The Benefits

  • Respond faster

    Your CMC efficiently streamlines your reseller support, making it more dynamic, available and effective

  • Increased revenue

    Your CMC is fully focused on generating more sales and profits for your company and your resellers

  • Gain efficiencies

    We will ensure your marketing funds are effectively and efficiently spent and fully accounted for, so you’ll know your exact ROI

  • Generate loyalty

    The exceptional support provided builds allegiance and trust among your partners