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Video and Images = higher in Google?

Facebook Places is one of Facebook’s newest additions. The location sharing application can be used for the following purposes:

1) Let your friends know where you’re hanging out

2) See where your friends are.

3) Help you see what’s going on – Discover new places to visit

4) The digital trail: You will be leaving trails. You will then be able to go and look at these in years to come.

5) Each place has a page, so you are able to see where your friends have checked into

This new application means that when users find a place they really like and really want to share with their friends they can, just by checking in either via their iPhone, Touch or iPad.

It could be a  restaurant, an amazing walk or a brilliant gig, whatever it is you can share this with your friends at the touch of a button.

To read more about Facebook Places check and how to use it visit

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