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Using Channel Sales Models to your Advantage

The world of channel sales is expanding and not just an enterprise game anymore. Rapid expansion in technology has created competition on an epic scale. Companies with the right plan to build relationships can now compete with large and enterprise companies much sooner than in the past. This competition had created an environment where sales are not made on a name any longer. To close and scale sales, companies must invest in relationships with customers.  

Channel Sales Importance

So, how important is having a channel sales model? Large and enterprise companies have long enjoyed the ability to both invest in relationships with customers, and as they expand, invest in channel partners to focus on those relationships. Channel partners are the boots on the ground, not just in sales but also in customer service and support. Customers feel secure purchasing a product not solely based on the name but also on who will support that product. These channel partners have given enterprise companies the ability to scale by reducing internal overhead without compromising customer relationships. An effective Sales Channel Model helps scale business by providing visibility and skills on a local level to customers. It helps small and medium-sized businesses reach more customers, with trusted partners’ security to support their products.

Building your Channel Sales Model

Building out a channel model is complicated with many facets. You must make sure you have the right partners. To make those partners effective, you must enable them with the resources they need to learn about your technology and present and sell that technology. They must have the resources to register those companies and support them as well. Does that mean that it must be a huge bank-busting investment? Small and mid-size companies are finding by utilizing resources like Gorilla Corporation, they can approach developing a sales channel in a unique step-by-step fashion, saving both time and investment. 

Gorilla’s Role in Channel Sales

Gorilla can help develop a program that approaches each aspect of an effective channel, with a scaled approach to channel models. By providing Partner Recruiting and Partner Concierge for Marketing and Sales as you need them, investing in revenue-driving channels is easier than ever for vendors. By offering these functions as a complete program or as need-based, companies of all sizes from start-up to enterprise can build and develop new partnerships and enable those partners to maximize ROI. This makes scaling sales to compete effectively with enterprise companies easier and more successful than ever. 

Become a Channel Partner with Gorilla Today

Does a channel sales partnership sound like something you’ve been missing from your business? If so, contact us to learn more. A concierge team member will be happy to listen to your needs and assess how our services can help you.