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Top Updates On Key Ad Networks

It can be difficult to keep up to date with all the key ad networks that digital marketers use daily. Networks are updating all the time with fresh new features and add-ons, so we’ve compiled a list of the most recent and important ad network updates that have been added or will be implemented in the near future. Below are the top updates for the top ad networks across the internet:

Google AdWords

  • In May, AdWords added new reporting columns to help get more transparency for your keyword Quality Score performances. These new columns now show your Expected CTR, Ad Relevance and Landing Page Experience, which are all calculated to determine your Quality Score. You can also view your past Quality Score to determine whether your changes have been successful or not.
  • Enhanced Cost Per Click has been improved to increase conversion rate by removing the 30% bid cap that was used to increase bids to gain conversions. AdWords will still aim to achieve the lowest possible bid that will still be successful, but now if you do not want a limit on how much extra you spend, you can change it.
  • Similar Audiences has been launched for Search and Shopping campaigns. This will create a list of relevant audiences similar to your best customers, helping you expand your reach to people who are more likely to make a conversion.


  • The Facebook Developers Conference was held over April. The key features for marketers are the development of advanced engagement analytics, AI-powered marketing insights, custom audiences based on people’s behaviour, and custom analytics dashboards.
  • Facebook has advanced its marketing analytics to now track Facebook page interactions, such as posts and shares, and see how the user then interacted with your website. You can use this to see if people sharing or commenting on your posts are actually going on to visit your website.
  • Dynamic ads are being improved to show up to 20 images across the carousel ad format, allowing you to advertise a single item using multiple images and make your ads that much more efficient.


  • Hashtag stickers have been added to Instagram stories, allowing you to promote a hashtag campaign or strategically place your branded hashtag on the story, generating huge brand awareness and getting users to engage with you a lot easier. This will be great for promoting campaigns or inspiring user generated content.
  • New data on Instagram in May highlights the growing success of this ad network. It now has over 700 million users, ranking them in the numbers of giants such as Twitter. Instagram stories have over 200 million daily users, higher than Snapchat’s entire user base. Instagram also has more than 1 million advertisers, and studies show that Instagram is the best platform for influencer marketing.


  • Quora is a relatively new platform that allows authors to write answers to a variety of questions across multiple topics. They have recently introduced the beta for video answers, letting you record and post a video that will answer the question better than regular writing or speech could, such as showing how to make something in person.
  • The editor for question asking has been increased and optimised to allow for better and more focused answers.
  • Knowledge Prizes, added last year in beta, have been removed from Quora and the findings and data are being incorporated into the platform.


  • In May, the new Snapchat Ads Manager was launched, alongside the new Snapchat Mobile Dashboard for tracking ad campaigns via your phone.
  • Snapchat also introduced the new Business Manager for configuring roles and permissions for team members. These introductions are intended to help improve the control and success of smaller companies advertising on Snapchat.
  • Previously the only way to buy Snap Ads was through the Snapchat sales team or through third-party ad tools that often took a fee to use. These new tools will be a free update with no mark-up.