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The Three Pillars of Marketing Automation

The Three Pillars of Marketing Automation


Marketing automation depends so much on your leads, that’s why it’s important to keep track of your leads. You can score leads based on their specific actions and behaviors. Doing that can tell you where the leads are in their buying journey. But to truly have success with your marketing automation efforts and properly handling leads, you should be using the three pillars of marketing automation: lead capture, lead qualification, and lead nurturing.


Lead Capture
Lead capturing is best practiced when you use outbound and inbound marketing assets. A marketing automation platform fits well with both asset types. With marketing automation it is easy to track a lead’s behavior. For example, what time did the lead visit your website? To best optimize your lead capture strategy you must identify your goals early in your marketing process and prioritize based on your resources and budget.


Lead Qualification
Once leads have been captured, automated marketing engagements provide opportunities to gather lead intelligence. Capturing data is a strength of marketing automation because it allows you to present consistent message delivery which in turn gains trust from potential buyers. Marketing automation users gather lead intelligence more easily than using traditional methods through the automated delivery of multiple messages through different channels. Qualify your leads with the data gathered and score each lead based on where they currently are in the buyer’s journey.


Lead Nurturing
Lead nurturing is probably the most important state of the entire lead management process. Leads that are not ready to buy should be placed in a lead nurturing campaign until they are ready. During this lead nurturing process they will continue to receive emails and other marketing assets which will keep them engaged and interested. Soon enough, leads will start pouring in as new customers, all due to your marketing automation efforts.


With marketing automation you can execute and monitor all three phases of lead management from one user interface. It makes it incredibly easy for your sales and marketing team to handle leads in different phases. Today, buyers are faced with countless distractions and it may take months or years to convert a prospect, but in the end – it’s all worth it! 


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