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Understanding the New VAR Mindset


It’s no secret that every move a client or customer makes online can be tracked by a channel marketing agency. In fact, we rely on it to gather intent, predict markets and increase sales.

Due to the increase in trackability, 93% of CMOs say they are feeling more pressure than ever to prove ROI.

The pressure is amplified for channel marketers of value-added resellers (VARs), as they are held to their own marketing goals as well as those of key partners.


We often see channel marketers try to take on a lot. Both brands and vendors have a demanding set of wants and needs, which ultimately pushes channel marketers to design their campaigns around generating the most leads in the shortest amount of time – no matter the quality.

This is all well and good, but the leads-or-bust mindset is one that is focused around short-term results. Most of these leads will be of mediocre quality at best, and we all know that even in a quality, thought-out lead generation campaign, most leads won’t convert. They’ll also burn out fast if they’re rushed through the funnel at breakneck speeds…


Even poor leads who DO convert may not have lifetime value. I’m sure you’ve read this in just about every other channel-related blog (including ours): it costs between 5 to 25 times more money to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one, and existing customers are 60%-70% more likely to make additional purchases from you if they’ve had a good experience with your product or company.

These stats are repeated so often because as channel marketers, we can’t afford to ignore them. Customers who stick around are much more valuable, and any b2b endorsements they provide will be more effective than the best marketing campaign known to man. If channel marketers (and your channel marketing agency) continue chasing quantity over quality, you’ll continue to miss out on precious long-term ROI opportunities.


Today’s tech buyers expect to be nurtured. To achieve this, you and your team will have to develop strategies that both highlight your value, and offer expert, highly-relevant content to targeted accounts. This, in short, is the ideal VAR mindset for 2019 and beyond.

Transitioning from lead-churning machine to someone who develops and nurtures higher-quality, higher-value leads requires patience, understanding and research. To ensure your channel marketing agency is ahead on strategy, partner performance, lead generation, or just about anything else related to the channel – contact the channel marketing experts at Gorilla EMEA.

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