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The Culture Where You Can Nap at Work

Back in the day, it was positively frowned upon to be caught taking a nap at work. You were likely to be faced with some kind of disciplinary action at the very least. However, it appears that the Western world has started to catch onto a new way of recharging those batteries and we have the Japanese to thank for this.

They even have a special word for this activity, or rather non-activity – Inemuri.

Not only do Japanese companies allow their tired workers the opportunity to grab a quick power nap whilst on the job, they positively encourage the practice!

According to statistics, Japanese office workers only manage an average of 6 hours and 22 minutes of sleep during the working week. This is by far the lowest when compared to other countries and could lead to all kinds of issues with productivity, except it doesn’t.

It is common for Japanese firms to let their employees grab a 20 minute snooze at their work desks or even in a purpose built relaxation area.

When you think about this, it isn’t that surprising because a sleepy worker is far more prone to making mistakes when compared to an alert member of staff.

Inemuri’s exact translation is ‘sleeping while present’ and seems to be the Far Eastern version of the much celebrated Siesta that Hispanic countries have enjoyed for centuries.

The likes of Google, Uber, Zappo, Capital One Labs, PwC and Ben & Jerry’s are also following suite, allowing their employees to grab a quick nap at work during the working day, and it is looking more likely that other cutting edge businesses will not be far behind.

Perhaps we will soon see the emergence of Nap Pods in the workplace as this trend starts to spread worldwide.

In terms of catching the ultimate 20 or 40 winks in your power nap, here are a suggested few tips that seem to add even more value to your very own slice of inemuri:
• Take your power nap just after lunch
• Turn off your phone and avoid any potential disruptions
• Do not force yourself to sleep, if you are feeling alert, you probably don’t need a power nap
• Soft background music can certainly help the process along
• Any more than 30 minutes could prove to be detrimental
• Avoid large intakes of caffeine before your power nap
• Once your nap is over, splash some water in your face and also take some liquids on board.

Hopefully these tips will ensure that your power nap has the desired effect but please remember to check with your boss before putting these into practice!