Partner Marketing Services from Gorilla Corporation

Subscription Model

Move your workflow to the cutting-edge of cloud-based solutions
with Gorilla’s subscription model evolution services.

Supporting the channel in the move to cloud transformation services

Scale and grow in a virtual haven

Legacy resellers built their business around a physical product and although cloud is no longer new many partners still need assistance adapting to and maximizing their profitability through the evolving cloud model.

These partners may need financial, operational and commercial business model support. In addition, we can help build a solid plan for adopting cloud marketing strategies. Partner sales teams may need to be trained on how to sell service subscriptions and how to work under a new compensation model.

See the Solution

“Working with Gorilla has not only helped with developing marketing materials, but changed they way we think about and approach marketing, resulting in a solution focus rather than product focus.”

Sally Craig – VP of Sales and Marketing, BCS ProSoft

We can help you:

  • Build your business
    Successfully acquire new born-in-the-cloud partners and cut your time to achieve revenue
  • Capture new customers
    Increase your market share and build a cloud pipeline
  • Lower costs
    Streamline your sales process and create a new, cost-efficient channel sales model
  • Implement global programs
    Help your partners utilize contra marketing funds and guide them in new cloud marketing best practices. Ensure partner sales teams are upskilled to selling cloud solutions
  • Future-proof your business
    Cloud business is the current standard and we have the expertise to help you and your partners make the transition

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