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Selling and Marketing Cloud Solutions Through Partners

Selling and Marketing Cloud Solutions Through Partners


Today, many small and mid-size businesses are turning to the cloud to increase profitability and efficiency, reduce costs, and retain customers. With the small and mid-size business cloud market nearing the billions, it’s easy to see why cloud reselling has become a big deal. Even though the numbers seem incredible, some businesses remain unsure of the benefits of the cloud. 

Selling cloud solutions should first start with customer education. Customers have an idea of what cloud solutions are, but not the whole picture. It is also important to listen to what your customers needs are. By doing this, you are able to understand their pain points and explain how cloud solutions work to solve that problem efficiently. 

Most sellers focus on a specific vertical market, which makes the marketplace a little less crowded. But of course this is where channel partners come in handy; being able to target multiple industries. Customers will feel at ease knowing you and your partners are experts in the particular industry they are in. 

Another approach would be to create an ideal customer persona. This involves researching who you believe your ideal customer is – focusing on habits, demographics, and other defining characteristics. During this research you’ll more than likely discover more important data that can be very useful.  

One other item that really sells customers is the speed-to-market advantages. Pointing out the positives of cloud solutions and not focusing on the nitty gritty technical items will surely gain their interest.  

Selling cloud solutions isn’t an easy task. For customers, accepting the entire concept is difficult especially for those who have security concerns or for those who are used to having IT at their fingertips. We all know change is difficult to handle. This is why it is important to find a partner who has the experience and knowledge of the cloud. Partner with Gorilla and we can help your business take off with cloud solutions!