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Search Engine Optimisation for the future

When we want to find something out, these days the chances are that you go online to a search box on a webpage such as Google and wait for the results.

The results that come up are based on a mixture of different factors, one of the most important being ‘keywords’.

Mike Elgan, a columnist at, commented that he thinks this solution is not perfect:

“Human beings view the world in terms of associations – a classic example in the scientific community is when you say the sentence ‘I saw a bird with a telescope’.
“Human beings instantly know it was you not the bird that was using the telescope. But computers don’t know that,” he said.

There is a  new generation of web services being developed to offer results for words and picture searches, and attempt to understand the users’ questions more correctly.

Using complex mathematical algorhythms searh engines will try to understand human thought processes more accuratley Kosmix is an example of such a company. They plan to create a site which reads more like a magazine, presenting content in an easier to read format by allowing users to scan the page better so that content may “leap out”.

Scott Prevost from Powerset, the company Microsoft bought to enhance its new search engine, Bing, has said: “There’s a lot of exciting work that will happen particularly in the next five to 10 years,”

Mobile Search

A recent survey in the US showed the number of search apps downloaded to mobile phones in the past year has doubled. We have commented on this is previous blogs. With an increase in devices on the market that help people get connected on the move, the demand for information on the move increases – hence a need for mobile search.

Keywords will be voice activated. When on the move you may be heading out to a restaurant in your car, you will be able to search for the nearest parking space availiable, or even find out the specials on that day. With a mobile device it’s easier to say what you want rather than type some keywords.

FInally  – the inventor of the internet, Sir Tim Berners-Lee belives search is still in its infancy and that the key to better search is semantics and the ability to make connections.

“The thing explodes when somebody has the creativity to look at a piece of data that was put there for one reason and realizes that they can connect it with something else. Someone could realise something about global warming because we’ve managed to get all of the data out there.”

We keep a watchful eye over developments such as this and incoporate them into our search plans. Almost every day there is a new development in search and its wise to keep ahead to acheive the best results. With studio 8 search you can rely on us to consider all developments in seo.