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Run Successful Co-Marketing Programs: The 5 Golden Rules

ROI. The most dreaded acronym within a marketeer’s world. Especially when looking at developing a co-marketing program where the main goal is not necessarily to generate direct revenue. It can be tricky to offer real value to partners whilst keeping on track with key business indicators.


Here at Gorilla, we have extensive experience when it comes to implementing global co-marketing initiatives. We ensure that anything we implement reinforces partner engagement as well as lead generation initiatives. This marketing landscape is ever evolving, not only because of the complexity of the Channel, but because ambitious partner programs must be aligned with new models for purchase decision marketing.


So, we hear you ask, what does it take to be successful in deploying a co-marketing program that will work in this day and age? Well, we have put together the 5 golden rules to get you started:


1. Channel Marketing Automations

– No one likes extra work, so why make more for yourself by micromanaging every partner when they can succeed independently? By using an integrated channel marketing platform, this will allow for partners to effectively run lead generations activities efficiently, as well as being able to let the vendor streamline operations and advance channel performance.


2. Channel Marketing Concierge

– Sometimes, the do-it-yourself approach is not always the smartest and safest option. By having a dedicated channel marketing concierge, it can help to improve sales support, overall channel health and also lead qualification.


3. Partner Relationship Management (PRM)

– The Partner Portal is often considered to be your front window. You should never underestimate the power of the portal, especially when it comes to partner recruitment and ongoing loyalty.


4. Global Co-Marketing Program Management

– Communications can become a real pain point for your lead generation efforts in a partner program. By having on single point of contact for not only the partner, but the vendor as well, helps to simplify the process and also allows for a better user experience.


5. Measurement and Report

– One of the most crucial rules. Measuring and reporting on the program allows you to assess the performance in order to repeat the wins and eliminate the losses. By promoting the best practices across regions, it can help stimulate global success.

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