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Repurposing Your Small Business Marketing Content

Repurposing Your Small Business Marketing Content


Small and medium-sized businesses face challenges when attempting to come up with marketing concepts. This isn’t needed entirely because repurposing marketing content is a reliable growth hack for driving traffic to your site and amplifying your message. If you are a small to medium-sized business, then keep reading. 

Repurposing? But how? Essentially, your goal here is to take the top-performing existing content that you have, add a layer of appeal, and put it to use again. It’s the same content, but looks different. Here are 3 easy ideas for repurposing your marketing content.


Write a Case Study

Using one of your old blog posts, write a case study based on one of your customers. When writing a case study remember to elaborate on problems they encountered and how your products helped them solve it. Now, before posting a case study about a customer, make sure to contact them and have them read it. You definitely want their blessing before posting. You could even get them to provide you with a quote or two to include in the case study. 

Take Your Blog Post and turn it into video series

Videos are such a huge hit today. Studies show that videos have more engagement. You can easily turn one blog post into a video series when you keep the videos to a minimum of 2 minutes. Not only do they have great engagement, but videos also help you gain better search engine visibility. Uploading your how-to videos to YouTube helps you in Google’s search algorithm, placing you higher than other competitors. Once you start having videos, another easy way to ramp up your engagement is to transcribe your video. You can use a paid service or utilize Google’s voice typing feature. 


Turn blog posts into infographics

Infographics take large amounts of information and transforms them into a visually creative format using smaller chunks of the information. The simpler the content is, the easier it is to digest. Infographics should be engaging and clearly show the data you are trying to convey. They can also be easily made from blog posts that draw comparisons. It’s a simple and easy way to repurpose blog posts.


Repurposing your content is an ultimate time-saver for creating new content without a ton of effort. It’s breathing life into your old content. Think of it as giving your house a new paint job. So, if you’re short on time and need more content, try out some of the tips above to give your content a nice makeover.  If we can provide support as you begin this process, let us know.