Ginetta - Gorilla Corporation


Digital Marketing



Ginetta is a motorsports company that offers exclusive racing packages through the Ginetta Racing Drivers Club, including a personal sportscar and access to their professional racing series, to new and novice racers looking to get into the industry. As such their clientele is highly wealthy and very focused on racing.



Their objective was to increase the number of enquiries and subscriptions to their racing club, as well as complete their quota of sign-ups for specific racing events. To accomplish this, we used a mixture of remarketing and interest targeting, reaching an audience that was similar to their previous converters while also reaching out to people interested in the racing scene by focusing on specific keywords, placements and competitors.



As a result, the number of enquiries to Ginetta has grown due to the increased targeting and brand awareness, due to the focus on channels such as video and search adverts reaching interested users. We have increased the traffic from relevant users coming to the Ginetta website month on month through the use of active keyword targeting and enticing adverts. They also fully filled up their specific racing events, such as their Junior Scholarship program and their Young Drivers Summer Camp, thanks to us targeting the parents of young racers with carefully crafted Facebook campaigns.