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Hyper efficient marketing systems and protocols to help you stay ahead


The Challenge

Even when businesses have the resources to create marketing strategy and campaigns, they often come up short at the hurdle of providing consistent support to both their marketing and sales efforts simultaneously and aiding long term solutions effectively. While the marketplace has become saturated with new technologies, strategies and infrastructure developed to meet every conceivable problem, these aids can frequently be more of a stumbling block and detriment to effective channel execution. Allowing flexibility without losing potency is key.

The Solution

Our experience shows us that many companies, while being able to find a reliable path to execute their objectives often struggle to keep pace with the need to produce and serve new or existing content and collateral to new partners whilst simultaneously tracking the leads that collateral generates.

Gorilla provides a fresh all encompassing solution that takes the hassle and difficulty away from businesses, whether managed in house, or by us. A suite of technologies and synergistic platforms allow us to create an action based environment that helps guide sales and marketing processes, automate their functionality and ultimately leads to overall successes with minimal company input.

Our experts utilize a range of industry-leading, management automation and service streamlining software. This gives us a broad, highly flexible spectrum of activity enablement with no loss of fine-grain detailed reporting data. This means that Gorilla can still offer an information centric business solution that gives key insights and helps enhance your future plans while simultaneously guaranteeing the high quality campaign results Gorilla is known for.

The Benefits

  • All in one

Using Gorilla means the benefits of several great systems in one unique package providing full-spectrum action based marketing and sales support to generate and convert leads

  • Powerful automations

The Gorilla solution allows everything to be augmented and automated to suit your company’s unique needs. From emails to notifications, lead interactions can be developed autonomously and implemented seamlessly.

  • The Partner Solution

Gorilla prides ourself on our usability and focus on our channel services. Our platform, Partner Pulse, gives you everything you need to start recruiting, enabling and empowering your partner-base in one application. And if you already have a platform that you are in love with, we can implement our best in class processes to enhance your existing systems.


Our team is experienced and skilled in the following technologies:

Gorilla’s all in one partner tool makes profiling, management and enablement a breeze.

Empowered with Zift’s all encompassing channel solutions we can create the best channel marketing, sales and development results for you and your partners.

By utilizing one of the worlds largest PRM providers, Gorilla gives peace of mind, security, and flexibility to your partner schemes.