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Partner Recruitment

Grow your partner program and attract the right prospective partners
with our tried and tested partner recruitment services.

Ensure you have the right partners to maximize your channel performance

Gorilla can provide you with a pipeline of suitable partners that want to partner with your company and who are ready to work with you.

“Gorilla team helped VozTelecom to implement and structure the launch of a new partner program. They worked with us from the beginning, helping us to identify targets, to scorecard new partners and to convince them to be part of the new VozTelecom partner program. Their collaboration in the project has been really helpful to define the different stages we needed to follow to achieve our targets. We worked with Gorilla as a team, sharing ideas, targets and ambition. Gorilla has been part of our success.”

Esther Guals – Marketing Director, VozTelecom

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Our partner recruitment hits the mark every time helping you recruit the right partners for your program and your business at theee. right time, expanding your channel prospects and developing your program value while minimising time and financial input

Boost your Programs Power

Recruiting and motivating the right channel partners is critical to running a successful channel program. For more than two decades, we’ve helped hundreds of companies successfully find the right partners to maximize channel sales.
With our expert knowledge in partner recruitment, we can help you to successfully refine and present your commercial value proposition, allowing you to grow your partner program with the partners who are the right fit for your business. Once recruited, we can support you in onboarding and enabling them so they are quickly ready to sell your products and services.

Strategy Development

Gorilla works with you to understand your partner recruitment strategy, program objectives and revenue goals

Partner Programs

Gorilla focus on recruiting the right partners, with the right client focus, expertise and budget, to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship.

Reporting & Metrics

Gorilla provides real-time reports allowing you to always know the status of your program, including suitable partner details, their interest in working with you, and more

Need to further Evolve your Ecosystem?

Gorilla’s Partner Scoring gives you peace of mind and quantifiable data to know where your partners need help