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Partner Marketing Strategy


Partner Marketing Strategy

Customized Strategy

Our comprehensive approach to partner marketing begins with our tried and true strategy, customized for your specific needs.

The Challenge

We know more than anyone that when it comes to supporting channel partners with a partner marketing strategy, one size does not fit all. Channel partners from all over the United States and around the world also approach customers differently and need customized marketing support. Meeting these diverse needs is an overwhelming task, and a challenge for any vendor.

In order to effectively serve today’s global channel, you will need a marketing solution that can support partners anywhere they have business, any time, and in any language. In some geographies, partners may not possess the skills needed to quickly shift marketing processes and operations. Correspondingly, vendors may not have the required bandwidth or resources to provide partners with the professional marketing insights needed in order to efficiently drive sales.

The Solution

The Gorilla Partner Marketing Agency Program – a best in class, all-inclusive co-marketing program that can provide quick and easy global channel marketing support, with a touch of localized know how. Our Partner Marketing Agency is fully customized to specifically fulfil the unique needs of your channel partners – it’s a trouble-free way of rapidly accelerating your digital and direct sales marketing presence.

The Benefits

  • Accelerate sales

    You will enjoy a fully-managed, trouble-free way of optimizing your direct and digital sales marketing presence and making sales

  • Stay open for business 24/7

    Your site is available to your partners around the clock, anywhere in the world – as long as there is internet access

  • Meet any need

    Your program is able to provide any mix of services your partners need and can be combined with a Channel Marketing Concierge to provide self-service as well as fully personalized marketing support

  • Easy to use

    Your self-service site is incredibly intuitive; no specialized training is required