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Do you know which partners you should be focusing on working with when it comes to partner marketing?  Which partners have resources? Which partners are eager to invest in and execute on joint marketing?  Which partners are you giving funding to that really aren’t engaged and have no intention of being engaged? Which partners are in your top 10 and which opportunities are you missing?  What do your partners need – are you listening to them?
We can map out your partner marketing channel so you can clearly see any weaknesses and opportunities along with focus areas for investment and growth utilizing our proprietary scorecarding platform.

“Our Partner Scorecard provides a clear overview of which partners are on the right track and who needs a push in the right direction.”

Gamma Telecom

Perfect intel on current and future partners

A scorecard is a way to identify the ideal partners to focus on for high joint marketing engagement, to determine which partners you’re wasting your time on and discover what partners need to improve their demand generation capabilities and execution.

Our experienced team works with you to create a list of characteristics depending on your objectives for scorecarding. The ultimate output is a ranked list of partners with valuable insight, feedback from your partners and recommendations for opportunities moving forward.

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