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Comprehensive Partner Development Strategy



We want to see your business flourish!

Our unique approach to partner development is tested and true. We can help you build your strategy, optimize your approach, and fine tune it to perfection.

Our unique approach to partner development is tested and true. We can help you build your strategy, optimize your approach, and fine tune it to perfection.

The Challenge

Beginning a partner relationship the wrong way is frequently the largest obstacle businesses face as they move to, or grow, a channel infrastructure.

The benefits of partner ecosystems and channel marketing or sales activities have been extolled at length, but making the most of new prospective partnerships can be hard to navigate. Generating partnerships without high enough relevant upside creates disenfranchisement and ultimately wastes time and the resources used to generate the partnership.

From the other side, partners can be wary of potential investments and possible problems arising from unbalanced relationships. Generating partnerships that benefit both parties and create an ongoing solution mutually beneficial to both companies is crucial.  It begins from the first point of contact between two representatives and should be tightly managed through the entire relationship.

The Solution

Over the past 2 decades Gorilla has built a proven track record of providing developmental support for all types of channel programs from fledgling start-ups to established global initiatives, ten partners to ten thousand.

It all begins with a partner development strategy. We know recruiting the most optimal new partners takes finesse and understanding. By creating a set of guidelines and requirements to help nurture new partner relationships, we take our years of experience and combine it with your unique business vision to establish protocols and questions that lead to hyper successful partnerships.

Our in house professionals guide you every step of the way from researching potential partners to closing long term binding affiliations with a strategic process that fits your needs and aspirations.

The Benefits

  • Accelerate sales

    Tried and True – Our process is tried and proven to increase partner recruitment in a wide variety of industries on both a regional and global scale.

  • Stay open for business 24/7

    Be Supported – Our strategies are all reviewed by our resident channel experts; meaning you can confidently implement and track progress with your Gorilla team.

  • Meet any need

    Made for You – All of our partner development strategy is created with your business in mind. We take the time to learn your needs and market, meaning you can be confident of your strategy working for you.

We make it easy to make the right sort of advanced contact with potential partners and lock in that new alliance, but it doesn’t end there. Take your profiling, recruitment, enablement and growth to the next level with our proprietary partner management platform Partner Pulse and have the edge Gorilla’s services provide from development to delivery.