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Creating opportunities with cutting-edge Channel Technology

It’s safe to say the decade we’ve just begun has been, to put it politely, somewhat rocky. Not only has the human cost been immeasurably great but we find ourselves moving towards a semblance of normal having lost a great deal in terms of finance, education and business. 


However through adversity comes innovation, and this last year has been no different with the real power of technology coming to the fore and allowing adaptation to the global situation some may have thought impossible before even the next decade.


And the drive of technologists during this time has not stopped at VOIP solutions and online retail but also stretches to meet the channel’s needs some of which have never been more prevalent than now.


With all this in mind it seemed pertinent to take a look at some of the third-party channel technology we use every day to help enhance our services and serve our vendors and partners to greater effect. Everything said here has never been more true than over the last 12 months and we strive constantly to be at the forefront of channel technology evolution come rain or shine.


What channel Technology do Gorilla use?

We pride ourselves on being not only efficient and tenacious in everything we do, but also in being highly adaptable and relevant in almost every scenario we come across. As such, and being such a global brand, we try to stay at the forefront of the ever changing needs of our clients no matter where they are. We utilize any and all software and services relevant to the location and program environment to get the most out of each project, and so have an impressive scope of third-party platforms available to us.


Some of our most popular platforms include:

  • SalesForce – The world’s #1 enterprise cloud platform, provides an all encompassing CRM that is the industry standard with good reason.
  • Zift Solutions A super channel supporter, Zift has options dedicated to helping develop the channel through marketing to sales and beyond.
  • Hubspot – One of the great platform success stories, growing rapidly to challenge for the title of best full service CRM, Hubspot have also revolutionized the many concepts and become an industry thought-leader of the highest caliber.
  • 6Sense – A dedicated ABM revolution 6Sense allows easy, but highly targeted, B2B marketing activities 
  • SharpSpringA relatively new string to our bow Sharpspring’s powerful marketing automation allows for vastly scalable and quantifiable campaigns. 
  • Many More … our experts are competent with a wide array of channel solutions including Impartner integrations and several leading channel rebate, reward and incentive platforms.


Whether you are using a CRM, PRM, TCMA or anything else, Gorilla’s team is highly trained, experienced and fully ready to support and maximize the benefits of any of these platforms, whether it be for vendors or partners.


How does Gorilla Use their channel technology?

We use our current suite, and emerging, channel technologies, on every project we feel they are necessary and for ourselves! We trust each service we use to deliver the best quality results, no matter the scenario – no matter the client, we can find the right solution.


  • For Vendors – Our experts in channel technologies help vendors to get full visibility into partner activities, what supplies are being used, and communicate efficiently to manage their partner relationships. Our team utilize third party services to maximize vendor clarity and ensure partner goals are met.


  • For Partners – Our experienced platform team helps partners to get a firm grasp on training, executions and pre-prepared assets. We also assist with co-marketing campaigns, other channel agency services, campaign reporting and deal registration. Our team supports the partner using the channel technology from onboarding, to activation, to success evaluation.


Our channel technologies help us to be an effective force for our clients no matter where they need us from planning to marketing, sales to customer care, we can enhance your program end-to-end powered by our solutions.

Want to find out more? Just get in touch and we’ll take you through the right solution to your situation.


We also have some proprietary services and technology solutions you won’t find anywhere else from our All encompassing partner platform Partner Pulse, find out more here.