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Marketing Concierge Services: Why is it Important?

Who doesn’t like having a concierge? When you go to a hotel, the concierge handles everything from suggesting nightlife hot spots and booking transportation to arranging spa services. You feel well cared for and important when you have a doting concierge, which is precisely what a marketing concierge is meant to do. The marketing concierge offers your business tactics and methods designed with you in mind. The marketing options can include social media ads, print, direct mail, email campaigns, or whatever you have in mind that would best assist your brand.

How do marketing concierge services help partners?

The greatest benefit of having marketing concierge services is options.  Marketing can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach because not every business has the same needs, and if you have a fairly new business, you’re probably not even sure what will and won’t work marketing-wise. With a concierge, you have someone on your team who can listen to what you are trying to accomplish and develop a plan to attain those goals.

Second, having options allows you to be more cost-effective. A concierge doesn’t necessarily offer a marketing package. While that is something the concierge can provide, their marketing strategy is more about going with what you need to produce results. Companies can start with a few marketing methods initially and slowly expand their ventures, or begin with many tactics and whittle down to the ones that worked the best.

A third benefit is the execution of the campaign. With concierge services, partners can either launch their strategies on their own or have the concierge launch it so that the partner can focus on day-to-day operations. This truly defines the partner relationship where both parties have an equal stake in the marketing campaign, and the connection is based upon equality.

What will this do for you, the brand marketer?

Trackability is huge, and a marketing concierge can help you the brand marketer see what is and is not working. Being mindful of these changes can you make better marketing decisions as the campaign continues, and for future marketing efforts. There’s also more consistency for your brand, as you can spread the same message across many platforms with the guidance of your concierge.

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