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Our channel marketing managers have the ideas, resources and expertise to achieve your objectives.

The Challenge

It is hard getting return of investment from partner contra funded programs and even harder trying to measure it. Whilst there may be a budget to fund a program, you may not have the headcount to recruit additional people or even manage those additional people. This is where channel marketing managers come in.

The Gorilla Channel Marketing Manager Solution

We are able to solve the problem with our managed funded professionals by providing you with the experienced, proven managed funded professionals that you will need to meet your revenue objectives. We provide “funded heads” in the following areas channel marketing account managers, business development manager, program managers.

Channel Marketing Managers for Your Account:

  • Generate, maintain, and deliver a channel of net-new partner led business and closed revenue.
  • Manage the partnership strategy, planning and implementing to achieve rapid and sustained revenue growth.
  • Develop, implement and maintain a business plan with managed partners.

Business Development Manager

  • Stationed onsite at your partner.
  • Delivers on your goals and objectives and drives your business goals working at the partner site.
  • Manages the partnership strategy, planning, execution, quotes and opportunity pipeline.
  • Acts as the in-house expert.

Program Managers

  • Architects, manages and executes your channel program and promotions across the portfolio.
  • Interacts with Channel Marketing to develop and execute integrated channel marketing plans.
  • Pilots new routes to market.
  • Drives cross-functional teams, both internally and externally, to design and execute channel programs.
  • Works within the channel sales team to deliver “to and through” communications.
  • Identifies opportunities for improvements across business, process and channel marketing.

The Benefits of Channel Marketing Managers

  • We Get It. We understand your business, we know what you need and our Managed Funded Professionals hit the ground running.
  • Clarity of Purpose. Your Managed Funded Professional is 100% focused, full time, on achieving your goals and objectives.
  • Measured and Managed. Whether you need one or one hundred people, we manage the team and the metrics to ensure that your goals and objectives are met.