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Making Your SaaS Marketing Strategy Generate Revenue

Making Your SaaS Marketing Strategy Generate Revenue


Creating any type of marketing strategy can be a challenge. The same is true for SaaS marketing. SaaS brands must follow a different business model compared to traditional companies. Luckily, many successful SaaS companies have established methods of reaching and converting customers so there is no need for you to stress over how it’s going to be done. There is only one way that can yield a consistent revenue and that is leveraging your content. Here’s how.

Optimize Your Website

Keyword search and content optimization is essential to have your website pop up when customers are searching for product(s) you offer. So how do you do this? In one of our most recent blogs, we talk about Google analytics and how to optimize your site. You can find that blog here. It all starts off by identifying keywords related to your products and adding those keywords into your website.The whole idea is to direct potential customers to your site whenever they make purchasing decisions. Focus on getting traffic to your site that has the potential to convert – this should deliver some promising ROI in the end.  


Create Content Your Audience Wants to See

Most SaaS companies understand that content marketing is one of the best ways to earn new users. For content, your main focus should be creating content that answers queries that cover what customers would be looking for. Have different resources readily available that provide information that customers are interested in and optimize each content piece to convert those searches into leads for your SaaS business. These content pieces also act as a bridge when building backlinks to your landing pages, which in turn drives link equity back to your optimized pages. This will also help your page rank higher on Google search and drive more organic traffic to your site. 


Create a Product Trial

Product trials are rapidly becoming an important source of lead generation for the SaaS industry. Just like you would try on clothes at the department store, there is nothing better than a test run on how the product works. Who wants to buy anything without trying it on first? So, if you aren’t currently offering a trial version, maybe you should look into it. Ensure you have a support team if any trial users have any questions or need support in navigating. The value of product trials is that they are such a strong indicator of buyer intent. They are investing their own time to learn and explore your product. The key is showing prospects the value of the tool without overwhelming them. This could potentially be a high source of quality leads.


Experiment With Your Pricing

With SaaS sales models, pricing and marketing strategies go hand in hand. Getting trial users to convert into paying customers is a large part of SaaS marketing – and pricing obviously plays a huge role in it. Your success ultimately depends on your ability to generate ongoing subscriptions. And getting customers to sign up for an annual agreement is the best case scenario. In order to achieve this you should experiment with your pricing. For example, after utilizing the trial, customers are much more likely to take advantage of a plan that offers something for free instead of a percentage off of a certain price. A “free month” is better wording than “10% off”. So, experiment with your pricing and you’ll end up finding out which is best for your SaaS business.


SaaS marketing is quite different from traditional business marketing – so you have to be ready to think differently when planning and executing your marketing strategy. If you need help with your SaaS marketing strategy, please give us a call. We are more than happy to help create, review and execute your plan!