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Lead Generation



Comprehensive Lead Program

Lead generation programs to channel partners require that extra touch, compared to direct lead generation programs. With our extensive experience, we know how to build them.

Building Engaging websites for over 10 years

A key to getting better return from online activities is to have a stunning, user-friendly website with all the search engine demands met. This can be achieved by utilising a proven, professional company with extensive experience in web development services. By creating successful websites that rank well, attract visitors, and compel them to act you get more leads & customers.

The Challenge

The channel is always looking for leads – but they’re just not getting them.


In a recent survey, we found that a staggeringly low 20% of channel partners are getting usable, desirable leads from their vendors’ lead generation efforts. A mere 17% stated they get vendor marketing support, and only 23% of those who received support actually found it useful. Staggeringly, over 45% wanted more vendor support for targeting and opening new markets.

The take-away is clear: channel partners require stronger, more focused and results-driven vendor support and sales-ready leads that can be deal-registered.

The Solution

We always start with an honest evaluation of your business, value proposition, competition and customers. We can help you restate and adapt your value propositions if required.

Next, we bring in our specialist, in-house technology teams – security, virtualization, storage, ERP, CRM and cloud – and give them an in-depth brief on your products and target markets. Together, we will develop detailed and thoroughly tested lead-generation scripts.

Then, it’s time to hit the phones and launch your program. Each lead is comprehensively quality checked, scored and delivered with detailed and thorough information on the opportunity they offer to your partner.

Finally, we provide a complete debriefing on our development process, including personalized recommendations for the next steps. We also list the common objections we heard and how we nullified them. It’s a road map for the future ahead.

The Benefits

  • Get proven results

    Our process produces carefully vetted, sales-ready leads for the channel

  • Gain insight

    We thoroughly analyze your lead generation process and outline any improvements

  • See documented results

    We will track and record everything – and report on the outcome of every lead

Our system is tried and tested; we know it works. Just ask some of the world’s most successful enterprises that have chosen Gorilla to fill up their partner pipeline, including Alcatel-Lucent, Citrix, Cisco, IBM, Kaspersky Lab, Level 3 Tobisha, VMware, and many more. We invite you to join them and share in the success.