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iphone, nexus and advertising

The launch of the iphone competitor, Nexus One by Google has ment Google has now moved into Apple’s computer product arena. Apple have a counter measure in place to help keep the iphone established as the main player for the new mobile internet. Apple have now bought ‘Quattro Wireless’ – an online advertising software company with an advertising network spanning mobile websites and applications.

It is a main rival to Admob – the mobile advertising network which Google is buying.

As Google makes most of its money via online advertising they are hoping that the Nexus One with Admob willl provide a suitable solution to maintaining its core business in a mobile world, however it seems Apple will be right behind.

The question is, what will Microsoft and Bing have their sleeves to keep in the loop?

Google said the Nexus One represented the next frontier in the company’s $20bn (£12.4bn) core business – selling advertising through search.

The new paradigm is mobile computing and mobility,” David B Yoffie, a professor at Harvard Business School, told the New York Times.