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How to Solve 3 Common Channel Partner Marketing Challenges

Channel marketing grants you the ability to expand your sales force by creating campaigns that can be tracked, measured, and optimized. As with all marketing, you are bound to run into obstacles. Here are 3 common Channel Partner Marketing Challenges that can arise and how Gorilla can help solve them.


Challenge 1: Channel partners need help tracking their allocated funds
Solution: Ensure the program includes co-op reimbursement and MDF administration
Many marketing programs leave the budget unspent. Gorilla’s managed funded professionals – help manage the dollars involved in channel partner marketing and campaigns. Simply put, we’ll get you to your revenue objectives.

Challenge 2: Channel partners need a return on investment for the marketing time and effort
Solution: Simplify the process
An extensive amount of unused money is wasted annually because channel partners don’t know how to align their marketing efforts. Investing in Gorilla can provide an experience that reduces time, energy, and resources and also minimize stress.

Challenge 3: Channel partners don’t know how to participate in marketing campaigns
Solution: Develop customized programs tailored to fit their needs
Providing a tailored strategic campaign alongside ongoing support ensures the success of campaigns. Because we have the experience and expertise to reach your goals, we can assure you will be satisfied.


From providing tailored programs, direct access to marketing assets, to co-op reimbursement and market development fund (MDF) program administration – Gorilla’s team is equipped and capable to fulfilling your channel marketing needs. Gorilla is here to help channel partners realize their fullest potential whilst ensuring campaign success!