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How to Maximize the ROI of Funded Heads in the Channel

One of the least transparent and arguably inefficient aspects of any channel program is the hiring of a “funded head” within, for example, a distributor or top tier channel partner that is ostensibly charged with the task of advancing the interests of an IT vendor. The cost of that funded head is usually buried somewhere inside a larger agreement. The trouble is most channel management teams don’t get to exercise much influence over how and when those funded heads interact with channel partners. How a distributor, for example, specifically employs those funded heads is usually at their discretion.

While funded heads are a great idea in principle, at Gorilla we think there is a much better way to maximize the return on investment (ROI) that can be derived from such programs. We’ve assembled a world-class team of channel experts that focus 100 percent of their time and efforts on achieving your organization’s goal. Each full-time funded head we hire and manage on your behalf is totally dedicated to your organization. There are no distractions.

Best of all, those channel professionals generate daily reports to provide unparalleled visibility and transparency into your channel operations. Our channel management can provide access to business intelligence data that shows precisely how effective any given channel partner anywhere in the world really is at that very moment. Channel managers gain visibility into channel sales pipelines that many previously thought would never be possible. All the mystery typically associated with managing a channel simply goes away.

Funded Head Count

Specifically, our services span:

Channel Account Managers: Focused on building a pipeline of net-new partner led business and closed deals, our channel managers address everything from defining partnership strategies and developing business plans to delivering rapid and sustained revenue growth.

Business Development Managers: Works as the in-house expert onsite with your partners to make sure strategy is being executed every single day. Everything from handling price quotes to making sure the sales pipeline is at maximum capacity.

Partner Marketing Concierge Agents/Virtual Partner Marketing Managers:  Works at either strategic or programmatic level, from developing co-marketing plans with the patrtners to guiding them through execution to achieve maximum ROI on MDF dollars.

Program Managers: Collaborates with partners to create integrated marketing plans and promotions that are tightly aligned with business objectives across the entire portfolio of products and services offered. These experts create the cross-functional teams that are critical to executing any channel strategy.

Given that level of white-glove attention to channel detail, many channel leaders assume they can afford such services. But if many of those same IT leaders stop to consider just how many heads in total they are funding within a range of distributors and top-tier partners, it quickly becomes apparent there is a more efficient approach that consistently delivers a much higher ROI.

Don’t just take our word for it, however. There’s a reason companies market leading cloud vendors with widely recognized best-in-class channel programs rely on Gorilla. We all know the difference between success and failure most often comes down to the level of expertise brought to bear on channel sales. Every channel leader also knows all too well how much that expertise is in short supply. We’ve assembled a team of channel experts that collectively have decades of experience that simply can’t be matched.

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