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How to leverage Virtual Partner Sales

Frequently partner programs have a strong start and move from strength to strength within their first year, vendors slowly accruing a larger and larger pool of powerful and dynamic partners who are eager to develop their offerings and benefit from the mutually agreeable path to success now open to them.


So why do we still get work?? Why does a partner marketing agency like us still get involved when both sides of every partner program are working in unison to reach their objectives? The honest answer is time and pressure put paid to even the best laid plans. 


When that first year, the honey-moon period of the partner program, begins to draw to a close there has often been some diminishment in commitment and expectations on behalf of both the vendor and the partner. A larger group of partners means less time to manage each individually and a greater variety of needs, wants and desires expressed by the growing list means having less time to address each.


So how can you maintain that partner dynamic, keep partners happy, keep your pipeline flowing and most importantly do it all in a cost effective and scalable way? Lets talk about Virtual Partner Sales assets.


What is Virtual Partner Sales

To put it simply, Virtual Partner Sales is a service that creates a bridge between vendors; their resources and expectations, and their partners needs and capabilities. 


Before we take a deeper look at what virtual partner sales is, it’s essential to know that the majority of vendors have the budget to fund a partner program thew way it needs to be run. Often finances are not the central issue when it comes to failing programs. Frequently the largest factor is being positioned to provide continual partner support and oversight. 


Vendors may not have the means to recruit a dedicated division to oversee partner activity – or the capacity to manage them. They could be lacking in partner interaction and coverage, not giving partners the attention they need to be effective or loyal can spell doom for the each affected relationship.


Gorilla’s Virtual Partner Sales helps mitigate these circumstances by providing qualified sales experts to vendors prime partners of choice. Installing the right people to help vendors scale their channel coverage ensuring their partners have the support, resources and motivation to maximize the programs revenue.


How do the Gorilla Resources work

Using the Gorilla Virtual partner sales solution allows vendors to solve their program problems with our Channel Sales Professionals.  We provide vendors with the highly skilled resources they need to meet your create exciting new opportunities in their channel fully leveraging the best of both their, and their partners, assets. We have 3 main variety of sales professionals that we provide to aid partners.


  1. Channel Account Managers
    Set at the heart of your partners business CAMs power your partners to deliver a continuous pipeline of partner-led opportunities and revenue. They maintain and execute the partner development strategy held between vendor and partner to help hit key performance indicators. And also develop a unified business plan with each partner they manage.
  2. Business Development Managers
    Work at the partner site positioned as the in-house vendor expert overseeing all activities and plans and strategies relevant to the vendors objectives. Their presence, coupled with their activities creates a much needed desire for the partner to push vendor services and focus on finalising their opportunity pipeline.
  3. Program Managers
    The architects of vendor partner programs, they create ecosystems and execute program wide initiatives, driving teams across both vendor and partner side to produce and effect the optimal channel programs. Invaluable for effecting change across the spectrum evolving business, process and marketing.

Whatever vendors need from their virtual sales funded professional they come as a member of Gorilla, primed to do whatever is necessary to create the ideal channel partner, program development environment or even overall program. They take the time to get to know each partner they work with and tailor strategies and goals to suit their models and abilities.

All of the virtual partner sales experts are managed and overseen by us working in the best interests of the vendor, with 100% focus on the programs objectives and metrics keeping partners on task. 

If you’d like to learn more about the Gorilla Virtual Partner Sales solution or any of our other services just drop us a line or fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you.