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How to Improve Partner Marketing Performance

How to Improve Partner Marketing Performance

Key performance indicator (KPI) weaknesses at every level of the marketing funnel could possibly be affecting your ability to achieve performance goals. Here are four ways you can improve partner marketing performance to ensure success.

First, you can move co-op claims to the cloud. Traditional claims and reimbursement processes are intricate and slow. But, by integrating the claim process in the same platform that launches the ads, partners can get advertising in the market much quicker and with less work.

Second, automating localization of advertising can transform your ads into compelling templates. This allows partners to customize their ads with information through a simple click of the mouse. No graphic artist or copywriter needed!

Third, getting real insights into campaign performance is very important. Most businesses don’t measure success in co-op advertising by its actual impact. Launching campaigns through a secure marketing service provider (MSP) not only improves partner marketing performance but also ensures you are getting your performance metrics on each and every campaign.

Finally, through channel marketing automation software is pretty awesome, but it isn’t going to help partners understand how to participate in campaigns. Ignite your partner network by creating a partner management program lead by a marketing concierge team. This team will make sure partners are enrolled in the right campaigns and maximizing the value of the co-op claims.

So I ask you this, are your expectations for growth aligned with your potential? Are there weaknesses in your business and marketing cores? Does your organization have the right marketing talent, technology and strategy to achieve its performance goals? Contact us today – we can help you evaluate your program and make sure you’re able to meet your goals and more!